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How beautiful are these tissue paper flowers?! Best part is that they're really easy to make and you can customize your colours to best suit your theme.


What you'll need: 

different coloured tissue paper, a pencil, scissors, craft glue, some branches & a vase. And if you'd like, you can add some butterfly or bird stickers to give your arrangement a bit more whimsy.

To make the flowers ~ Fold your tissue paper a few times until you have a small square. On the folded side, draw the outline of half a heart and cut on your mark. Once you've cut out a few hearts, dab glue at the bottom of each one. Start bunching your glued pieces together and fan out the tops to create petals. You can add as many petals as you desire depending on how big/poofy you want your flower to be. I usually use at least five pieces. Continue to do the same on all your different coloured paper in different sized hearts to give a bit of variety to your flowers. 

Glueing your flowers to your branches - Cut small seperate pieces of tissue or use from you scrap pieces and apply a thin layer of glue everywhere. Place your piece on the back of the desired branch and secure flower. The branch should be in b/n your cut piece and the flower. Arrange your flowers on desired branches. Et voilà! 



April 15th, 2016

Simple and Beautiful.

If you'd like any additional information or if there's something I might have forgotten to mention, please feel free to comment or message me.

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