Crate Creatures... A Howling Good Time

The boys just recently made some new friends they love to have some laughs and hang out with, Crate Creatures Surprise by MGA Entertainment. These crude beasts have had them in stitches with all of their hilarious noises, since they first put the crate in their hands. With body parts that light up, eyes that glow, as well as the ability to sing/roar/record and repeat words, it's no wonder these furry guys are such a big hit! Open the lock to the crate and pop the lid with a special crowbar... POW a new friend is unleashed! These silly monsters are even garbed in cute colourful underwear. Three new Crate Creatures Surprise guys have joined the toy family here at the house; Guano, Blizz and a little Flinger that has been named Buzz Fly.