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Crate Creatures... A Howling Good Time

The boys just recently made some new friends they love to have some laughs and hang out with, Crate Creatures Surprise by MGA Entertainment. These crude beasts have had them in stitches with all of their hilarious noises, since they first put the crate in their hands. With body parts that light up, eyes that glow, as well as the ability to sing/roar/record and repeat words, it's no wonder these furry guys are such a big hit! Open the lock to the crate and pop the lid with a special crowbar... POW a new friend is unleashed! These silly monsters are even garbed in cute colourful underwear. Three new Crate Creatures Surprise guys have joined the toy family here at the house; Guano, Blizz and a little Flinger that has been named Buzz Fly.

Guano is part of the Big Blowout collection. He can make over 100+ cool sounds and effects. There's a fun lockie-talkie that locks up his crate. The boys use it to try and scare everyone in the house as it transfers their voice through the creature at a distance of up to 50 feet away. They'll put him in a different room and try to throw us off because they're hiding away in the distance. They are also able to make recordings up to ten seconds long and play them back in a monster voice. It's really funny to hear them go! Their favourite part is when Guano laughs and farts when they tickle him. Right?! ALWAYS with the potty humour! He also sings/roars/talks when moved around and his eyes glow when his tongue is pulled. Home for him used to be The Dark Caves of Caca 😆

Blizz is a harry white Sasquatch-looking beast that makes a ton of fun sounds too. His eyes also glow when his tongue is pulled and he'll shake with rage while spewing out gross noises all at the same time. Arms flapping away if his tail is pulled and with his delightful roars when shaken/flipped/ knocked over, this guy is a real hoot! His special features are that he repeats everything in a monster voice and makes chomping noises when he eats his yummy multicoloured popsicle. Home used to be the Frozen Caves of Icicla for this beast.

Our new Flinger friend Buzz Fly is the best for launching across the room or into the target on his crate. By pulling his tongue and tilting his body back, the boys fling him like they would a rubber band. It's really funny to hear the gross noises that come out of his mouth when he crashes into things. There are 12 different Flinger characters to collect and the boys are already talking about who their next monster friend will be. MGA makes so many great toys and Crate Creatures Surprise definitely earn their spot at the top of the list with the others.

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