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April 15th, 2016




Oh the Woodland theme... so much fun sleeping in a forest with the animals. The great thing about this theme, it's so popular you can find everything you need to create your space from just about anywhere. And the best way to get great deals, shop around online. That way you're getting a great selection of many different things at great prices you can compare easily from the comforts of your own home.


Top 2 reasons why I chose it - I really wanted to do a teepee in my daughter's bedroom and I loved the idea of a huge tree decal on 1 of the large walls. She is 6 years old and loves to wear dresses. Thank goodness! She's the only one I have... my other 2 are boys. I can do her room in pink and have a couple of brown accent walls, perfect for a little girl's woodland bedroom.

When choosing paint for a kid's room, go with an eggshell finish. This is your most kid-friendly finish.

I used to clutter up bedrooms with big pieces of furniture, but quickly realized it was unnecessary. I personally find no need for a dresser in a kid's room (or any bedroom for that matter). It takes up way too much valuable play space. Minimal is best! As an alternative, all clothes can go in the closet and be neatly tucked away with closet organizer shelves, cubbies and racks. This way, all of that great extra space is being used to its full potential.


Use decorative baskets or bins in the cubbies to add more fun elements of your theme. Other small bins can also be used for belts or hats and stacked neatly on the top or bottom. Make 2 rows of hanging bars on top of each other for anything that needs to be hung. After all, children's clothing is small and will fit easily on two small racks. 


TIP ~ Sort through clothes 4 times a year (with every season) to keep closet well organized and clutter free. 


And now a small bedroom space becomes larger and more inviting for kids to play.


The teepee is a fairly easy project to do and doesn't cost much in material. It is a great space for kids to read and play. Our two eldest absolutely love it! They use it as a quiet space to read stories or even as a secret fort sometimes. We also hung dragonfly string lights on the inside and it creates a beautiful backdrop at night. For the shag rug, I used a big piece of white faux fur purchased from the fabric store. No need to sew seams, just fold under. If you're interested in making a teepee like ours click here for our tutorial

Adding decorative banners is another easy project to do and looks great in a child's room. It's also a lot of fun picking out and mixing different patterns to match your theme. For our banners tutorial click here

For the curtains - I sewed two different panels together. The tassels on the one set were really great and the pattern on the other panels was just as beautiful; it was too hard to decide between the two. Because I found them at such a great price, I decided to sew both panels together. This way I am also making my curtains thicker to block out more early morning sun. The curtains with the tassels were too long, so with the extra material that was cut off, I made my own curtain tie-backs. I am really happy with the way they turned out.

The 'rope shelf' is a great way to display your child's favourite books. For our daugther's room, my husband helped me hang floating shelves and we also made decorative rope chains with hooks on the sides to hold the books in place. It was a great spot for her to easily access her books, beside her teepee 'reading nook'. Check out our rope shelf tutorial here.

Storage shelves are the best to use anywhere and everywhere! I use these in all of our bedrooms. They're especially perfect for kids rooms, because you can toss in anything for a quick & easy clean-up. The bins themselves may be a bit disorganized inside, but when neatly stacked away, they look completely organized. Mix & match a few different patterned boxes that match your theme and stack vertically or horizontally (whichever works best for your wall space). They're very affordable and can easily be found at many different stores.

Because I wanted minimal furniture, I went w/ a single bed and placed it against the wall to maximize floor space. It has a trundle underneath, which is perfect to pull-out for sleepovers. I dressed up the 2 front posts with inexpensive sheers. And the beautiful bedding I found online. Got the wood post bed at an amazing deal of $400 (for bed, posts & trundle!) because it was a floor model and needed a little white touch-up paint on the headboard.

girl's woodland bedroom

If you'd like any additional information or if there's something I might have forgotten to mention, please feel free to comment or message me.

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