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Find Happiness In The Simple Things

My life is hectic! Days are often trying and hard. On a daily basis there's conflict w/ at least one member of my family. And many mornings it's all three of my little ones, when we're in a mad panic trying to get out the door on time, doing so w/out help from hubby. What a great way to start the day, right?! But, I know that in order to find peace and happiness I have to let it all slide. I can't take myself or life too seriously.... it'll make me go crazy if I do!

My little ones may often gravitate to their father but I'm ok with that because I know he's a yes man and I'm not (as much). And I know that they love us both equally no matter what. If I show kindness and respect to my children they will give me an unconditional love in return, which is the greatest gift I could ask for. And I have no intention of competing with my husband over our children's affection. I have to remind myself that it's ok to say no (often), and important to have structure. I'm trying to raise good little humans that need to be prepared for a world that won't always give them what they want.

In my line of work there are so many highs and lows, I have no choice but to take it all with a grain of salt. It's the type of job that can easily give me a ton of anxiety but I really try not to let it. I try not to worry too much about my next job even though money is tight right now. And I will still only work on projects that ring true to our family's needs and values. I live my life day by day... in the moment. There's just not enough left in me to worry about every little thing. I know I will always have a good home and my husband and I will always make enough to feed our family; that's the only assurance I need to sleep easy at night. Our children have a lot and we make sure to provide them with what they need.

If I stay true to my morals and work ethics, everything will be fine in the end. The rest which is out of my control, well that's what it is, something that I couldn't prevent from happening no matter what I did. I can't let myself be consumed with negative thoughts and doubts. Having a worry-free attitude is liberating! And everything always seems to fall into place, at the right time, where it's meant to be. I have to just go with the flow, trying not to get overwhelmed or overthink during the process. The best therapy... finding happiness in the simplest things. With a grateful heart you don't have as many thoughts of wanting and needing more than what you already have.

I am appreciative for the land I own which provides us with much needed serenity from this crazy world. Thank God for hot baths and showers that help alleviate my aches/stress and make me feel like a new recharged woman. I love nature, animals and beautiful sights & sounds. A delicious home-cooked meal brings so much satisfaction to all. Hubby and I may not be able to afford a vacation, but living a slower-paced life helps take away the want to get away. We make the most of all four seasons while we have them.... waiting for summer to hit the beach. There are so many fantastic places to explore right here, literally w/in a 30 min. drive from us.

I only have a small handful of friends and have put the importance of friendship on the bottom of my priority list so that I can focus more of my attention on all of these new things life has thrown my way as a parent. Hubby and I play baseball in the summer, that's the only social life I need for now. I just don't have the time or the energy to be a hands on friend at the moment. Everything I have in me, is dedicated to my family, my home and my work. I'll change my list of priorities eventually, as my children get older.

We're always on the go, especially with the little ones' extracurricular activities (4-5 days a week) and when it's time to unwind, I enjoy playing card games on my laptop challenging myself at higher levels to exercise my brain. I find it relaxing and very beneficial for my overall wellbeing. I may just need to incorporate a little more exercise and/or meditation. We visit my parents as often as possible and have family dinners together every week. It's terrific that we now live so close finally! My all time favourite thing in the world though, is snuggling up with my babies and watching a good movie.

I don't know why life has to be so hard as an adult and why we're 'meant' to handle all of these responsibilities. It's a lot for one person to take! Yes it's good to keep busy, be productive, be a good member of society but with all those things comes many burdens. How is one to cope? Count my blessings, continue to be a good person that brings a lot to the table and let all of the negativity roll off my shoulders. I have to brush it off! It's not worth losing my sanity. Care more about my environment and what makes me happy and focus less on things that don't.

There's no magical remedy that will make it all go away but there's a lot I can do, that can make a big difference if I just adjust my mindset towards things. Let those who are miserable bounce off my positivity bubble lol. Stay strong! We've got this!