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June 21st, 2016

Little Girl's Birthday Party

The Princess and theTea

What a great idea, to have a tea party inspired birthday party for a little girl! I love that tea rhymes with 3 and that the name of the theme is a play on words. Everything was put together by one of our readers Tara Miller from West Kelowna, British Columbia. And she did an excellent job of creating a magical 3rd birthday party for her daughter Emmyrson!

Her inspiration for the theme:


Tara- The tea set in the photos was from Regan's (my husband) grandmother's china set. She passed away last year. I really wanted to find somewhere to use it, as I know it is really special to have, and I know how much it means to my mother in law to see it being used. I am not really one to have a china hutch to showcase. I figured it was much better being put to use. I decided to make it a little tradition to add a little tea party component to each of the girls birthdays from now on. 

What a great cutout headboard! Was it propped on a chair & used as a throne for the birthday girl?


Tara- I made the headboard with 21 inch x 14 inch card stock. It was all I had!! I taped 4 pieces together to make a 42 inch x 22 inch piece, and then glued 4 more pieces on the back, to make it a little more robust. I can't take credit for the idea. I saw a picture on Pinterest, but put it together on my own. Once I free handed the head board, I suspended it above the table with fishing line, and attached it to the curtain rod. It was used strictly as a prop for the food/cake table. We just served Emmyrson the cake outside on her kids table. So no special throne.


Did you make the cake? If so, what did you use to decorate the cake?


Tara- I did make the cake. I made the first three layers on the Wednesday and froze them. I decided on Thursday that it likely wouldn't be enough cake for all the people we were having so Friday evening I threw the bottom (biggest layer) in the oven. Funny story, while it was in the oven Emmyrson fell off the bar stool at the kitchen island, hit her head on the desk behind, and we spent 6.5hrs in emergency! Thankfully my parents live right next door and came to look after Blayne. Regan (my husband) was at ball, just down the road, and rushed home to drive us in. She ended up with 4 stitches to the back of the head. Anyways, long story short, mom took the cake out for me, and it was ready for a 6hr frost the next morning! (I'm no pro, so it takes me forever!!) I piped the ruffles with a wilton #104, the bottom layer, I just did a crumb coat, then a second layer of butter cream. I mixed up some bernard callebaut white chocolate and added some food colouring to make it pink. I drew a simple design, and placed it under wax paper. I piped the chocolate with a wilton #3 tip following the design under the wax paper, then I put some edible gold balls in the chocolate, and put the whole piece of wax paper, and all the chocolate on a cookie sheet in the freezer for an hour or so. Then peeled off the chocolate and added it to the bottom layer. I was least happy with the 2nd layer. I thought I would free hand piping the chocolate. I felt it turned out messy, but c'est la vie!

Any tips to share on party planning? How to throw a successful kid's birthday party?


Tara- I can't say I have any special party planning tips. This was my fourth party, and they've definitely come a long way aesthetically and practically!! This was the first one, I felt Emmyrson had so much fun at! I kept it simple in terms of the kids. She really wanted a princess party. I bought her a special crown to wear, but I had Quinn make some paper crowns the kids could decorate. I bought some sticky jewels from the dollar store and cut them into strips and dumped a pile of them on the kids table outside. The kids were all playing in the play yard. I thought I would give them some time before letting them know it was there. Next time I came out they had all dove right in, without an explanation. I picked that activity because it fit with the theme, but also because I knew Emmyrson would LOVE it! She loves stickers, and sparkly things, she loves pretending to be a princess etc...I just really want so bad to create good memories for my girls. I take that very seriously. Its taken me a bit though to figure out the simpler, at this age, the better! In terms of birthday activities anyway!!

All in all looks as though this party was a big success! Great job Tara! Emmyrson will have some wonderful memories to look back on when she gets older.


Thanks for sharing!

Party decorations were made by Rustic Daisy Designs.

Contact Quinn at Rustic Daisy Designs for cake toppers, banners, custom confetti, balloons, and anything else to make a custom party package for a special celebration. She has so many great ideas & is a pleasure to deal with!

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