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August 24th, 2016

We're a bit last minute this year, but we finally got everything we needed for back to school. The kids start school on August 30th (1 week earlier than the English schools) and it's less than a week away. I started getting a few things 2 weeks ago because there were some great sales going on, but it still felt rushed trying to finish it all up this week. Don't worry, if you're last minute this year like I am, there's still lots of great stuff out there for great prices! 

The matching backpacks and lunch-bags were purchased from Gap a couple of weeks ago at 40% off and I also received Gap cash for my next purchase in September. I love that the boys collection had the matching shoes! They've had this sale on again for subscribers a couple of times since then, so you might get lucky and catch a great deal like this one, if you're interested in signing up. There's many bags still available in-stores at Gap, as oppose to other stores we went to, where they didn't get in much stock. Gymboree had a great promotion that just ended 'Nothing In the Store Over $16.99' but they didn't have many backpacks left or matching lunch-bags available.

The lunch cubes purchased are our GO-TO containers from Old Navy. The company that makes them is called Sistema and their containers are the best! We've used them for the last 2 years now and are super satisfied with the quality and functionality of this product. Why I personally think they're so great - You can fit many different things into 1 container. And the less the containers, the less the dishes. The top has 2 separate sections and the bottom is 1 larger section that is ideal for sandwiches. Great for litter-less lunches! The container easily fits into average size lunch-bags and still allows extra room for a drink. Only $9.99 regular price, but you can always catch a great sale at Old Navy.


The bento containers are Lifemark Labs from Amazon. Click here for link. I haven't tried yet, but am confident I'm going to love them as they get 4.5 stars out of 52 reviews on Amazon. I bought them for $26.97 and received Free Shipping for spending over $25. They're a bit big, but I was still able to fit them in the Gap lunchboxes I bought which are pretty average in size (it's a tight fit). And I could've probably got them cheaper had I not been so last minute and put them in my shopping cart a week earlier. More often than not you can get price drops from Amazon if you leave items in your shopping cart for a week or more. 

Michael's also has some amazing deals going on (as always)! The 2 rulers 'Imagine' and 'Selfie' were bought for only .50! The floral push pen was also only .50. Set of 12 deco pencils were only $1.50 on Clearance 80% off.  

The Sketchers were bought form Sport Check for $37 but when I was shopping at Walmart I saw the exact same pair (same colour, same stitching and all) for half the price; only difference was the brand name.

Lego erasers $5 and superhero pencil $4 are from Indigo Chapters 15% off. 

Water bottles were $6 from Old Navy and Thermos' were from Walmart (reg. price)... though Old Navy has sales on all the time and you'll easily be able to get an even better deal (probably this weekend) than what I paid for them. I think $6 is still a great price!

The personalized labels are from Mabel's Labels. So many great designs to choose from and they can be washed! Our family has been using their labels for years. I just found out they are from Hamilton which was a pleasant surprise. Click here for link. 

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