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A Letter To My Little Seedlings

A year ago we moved from city to country to enjoy a simpler lifestyle and appreciate a quieter pace. Your father and I hope to instill in you a respect for nature, a desire to care for our planet and a lesser dependency on technology. We strongly feel that the most important things in life, the ones that will bring you true happiness, are as simple as a home-cooked meal, good company to enjoy it with and a peaceful environment to live in... the rest will follow.

You should always act in a way that shows respect for everyone and everything around you. Be considerate, show kindness and

compassion to all, without preconceptions or bias. Always make sure to nurture your body (healthy diet) as well as your spirit, as this will be the most important factors in your overall health. Be true to yourself. And please also try to avoid being frivolous or wasteful. Appreciate what you have and take good care of it. You're already off to a great start and your father and I take pride in knowing you will have a positive impact in this world; that you possess the tools to make a difference.