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Welcoming Fall @ Ste. Anne's

A day of bliss in paradise was the perfect way to treat myself to some much needed rest and relaxation! I can honestly say that a ton of weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I now feel like a rejuvenated woman. Releasing the stresses of life is essential for the well-being of this mama's mind, body and soul if I want to function as a healthy/sane human 😆 And what better way to do it than with my amazing mama! We decided to kick off fall with a well-deserved mom-and-daughter spa day at the most beautiful spa I know, Ste. Anne's in Grafton Ontario. Have you heard they're eco friendly too?! AMAZING!!

At just over an hour drive from Kingston (and Toronto) this serene retreat is exactly what the Dr. ordered to help rid me of my worries. I started with a relaxing yoga class in the morning and then a delectable lunch in the afternoon. My fresh herbal pear tea and shrimp curry dish were delightful and the dining experience superb as always! Ste. Anne's has taken into consideration vegetarian, gluten-free and heart-healthy menu items to please all pallets. After lunch it was time for a soak in the grotto and then my blissful one-hour European massage to follow. My treatment was fantastic and I was given a bottle of the oil used, free of charge afterwards. What a nice added touch to my heavenly experience!

I didn't get a chance to explore the walking trails or bike ride to the bakery this time around, but plan to do so when I come back and will definitely have to include a visit to the horse stables. There's also golfing nearby for those who are game but its definitely not my forte, so I'll just relax by the pool or kickback on a hammock in the gazebo instead. At 4:00 p.m. it's time for tea where a lovely assortment of sweet and salty treats are being served and accompany my ambrosial vanilla green tea perfectly. And I love that there's a casual dress code to make me feel more at ease! Remember how I mentioned that Ste. Anne's is eco friendly? Well, they are very conscious of their carbon footprint and ask that guests bring a reusable water bottle to fill spring water from the spa's refill stations. Guests are also encouraged to reuse towels as often as possible to reduce excessive laundry. AND their team of culinary experts use local organic ingredients as much as possible - often using vegetables and herbs from the onsite gardens (free of herbicides).

Whether you stay for the day or overnight you can expect the most beautiful of country settings on this 400 acre gem. Check out what's off the beaten path if you plan to stay a little longer and discover all the great things to see and do in the area. How can you not plan a getaway during this fantastic fall we're having?!

The Olympic-size pool is still open until Thanksgiving weekend thankfully due to mild autumn weather. For more info. on what to expect visit Ste. Anne's website @

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