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April 15th, 2016

What you'll need ~ 15-16 feet (4 1/2 metres) of material, rope, 5 wooden poles/sticks 92"-96", rubber-band, 12 grommets, ribbon


Tools ~ Drill, 1/2 " auger bit, scissors, measuring tape, grommet hand tool, sewing machine.

For the frame ~ Line up your 5 poles and drill holes 14" from the top w/ your auger drill bit. Optional - to help keep the pieces together , wrap them w/ a rubber band. Using approx. 6 feet of rope, run it through the holes & around the posts & fasten. To help w/ a frayed rope end, wrap tape around the tip and it will be much easier to thread through.

For the canopy ~ Make 6 triangle cone panels. On your (6 1/2') length material, measure 36" across (width) & make a mark. Fold your material in half at your mark and measure 2" from your fold at the top. The distance from top to bottom should be 80" (length). Use your pole (or anything long w/ a straight edge) to draw the angle mark.


For the cone ~ On the bottom of your material draw a half moon 2" away at the middle-mark of your (36" unfolded) material,


Cut at your triangle and cone marks. Sew panels together using a zigzag stitch on your sewing machine along the sides but leave an opening on each end. Don't sew ends of 1st & 6th panel together.  

On each end of your material sew a seam & make marks for your grommets about 9" away from the top & 2 1/2" from each other. Press your grommets through your material using the hand-held grommet tool.


For the front flap: use the same measurements as your panels for your triangle flap. Create a pleat by folding a couple of times about 1/2 " and hem all sides. Sew panel to teepee at the bottom of your grommets.

You can sew in little ties w/ left over material, if you want, for the inside of the teepee. Or just let your material drape over your frame. Nail decorative tacks through the top pieces of panels into the top of your poles (just below rope), to hold canopy in place. I draped sequence fabric around top to finish.


Another way of doing the entrance for this teepee, is to make & attach a 7th panel and sew a tie in the middle to pull back opening. For my teepee I wanted to add a different pattern.

little girl's teepee

If you'd like any additional information or if there's something I might have forgotten to mention, please feel free to comment or message me.

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