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Baby's First Summer

Keeping a journal and/or making a scrapbook of your baby's milestones is a fun way to document all of their precious first moments. There are a lot of things you'll want to remember as a parent and having something like this to look back on when you both get older is great!

Lucas' 'First Year' baby journal is almost finished. We're only 1 more month away from his 1st birthday. Can you believe he still doesn't have any teeth?! I can't believe how quickly that first year went by (even though I expected it to... 3rd time around). Time passes by too quickly so cherish each moment spent with your little ones, while you have it.

The best thing about summer photos - daytime natural sunlight is your best light source for professional looking photos. And if you're indoors taking pics, leave all indoor lights off so that the sunlight is your only light source.

Here's a List of Baby's 1st Summer Photo Ideas:

-Picnic or BBQ

-1st Ice Cream

-Eat Watermelon (tiny pieces)

-At the park on a slide and a swing


-Day at the beach/building sandcastles

-Swim in a pool or lake

-Go on a boat ride

-Splash Pad

-Day at a sporting event - baseball, soccer

-In the backyard playing in a tent

-Visit a farm/petting zoo

-Berry Picking

I'll do another post soon about baby's first year and all of the great things you'll want to document (rolled over, sat up, crawled, first food, first word, first tooth, etc.).

Thanks for Stopping By!

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