May 20th, 2016

 Décor Deals 

$30 or LESS!

Check out these latest finds from our home staging project.


We're moving AGAIN & getting our house ready to list. In the 9 years we've been living together, my husband & I have moved 5 times... this will be our 6th move. And as much as we hate moving (especially now w/ 3 kids) we're becoming pros at it & are hopeful things will run somewhat smoothly. But there's serious discussion about this being our last move for a while.   

Getting the house ready to list means serious decluttering and staging so that we can put our best foot forward. Get out the storage bins & then let's go shopping for some new spring items to spruce up the house! The Coastal/Cottage theme is really big right now... it's everywhere.


All the great finds above were purchased from Michael's & Home Sense for $30 or less! I also have a couple of splurge items that are not in the photo, from Canadian Tire & The Bay, that were still great deals nonetheless. They're listed at the bottom of this post as well.


Flowers, bird vase, both picture frames, book boxes, rope jars, recipe/plate stand, 2 apothecary jars, set of 3 glass jars in crate. Everything purchased was on sale 40-60% off!


The great thing about Michael's is that they have these in-store promotions on all the time and have a lot of really nice home décor items to choose from. Almost everything goes on sale and for really great prices! Sign up for the weekly online flyer & you'll be up-to-date w/ all the current in-store promotions. One of my favourites is 40% off all decorative baskets for the home.

Home Sense 🎀

Baskets, plate, cushion, 3 apothecary jars ($3.99 each!), tea set, watering can, rattan tray, blue jars & candle stand. 



I'll write an update w/ pictures in next week's post of how we used all these great items to stage our house.


Apothecary Jars $4-$12 (set of 3 in crate), Ceramic Watering Pot $30, Recipe/Plate Stand $11 (@ 50% OFF!), Decorative Pots & Candle Stand $13, $20, $25, Bird Vase $7 (60% OFF!), Baskets & Rattan Tray $30, $25, $17.


These are cast iron pots... I know not very practical to buy right before moving, but I've needed some for a while now and found them at such a great deal, how could I refuse. I'll keep them stored away in my parents garage during the move 😉. 

The pots were a bit of a splurge but totally worth it. I got them at 70%! off from Canadian Tire during this week's in-store promotion (there's many other beautiful colours to choose from as well... yellow, red, green, orange & navy blue). The 7 qt was $100 & the 5 qt was $80.


Don't worry if you missed this week's deal, another promotion will come up again very soon. Sign up for the online flyer & stay in the loop.  


Salt & Pepper shakers were $47 from The Bay. Pretty good price, but I'm hoping to get even better (sale price) so I'm keeping my receipt & waiting for the next in-store promotion to get a price adjustment. I'll hopefully get at least 20% back. Updated* Got back 30% May 27th!

BONUS - All the shakers match perfectly to the colours of the cast iron pots. Click the link below to see all of the beautiful colours to choose from & get the matching pots from Canadian Tire 


The shakers can be found here 

If you'd like any additional information or if there's something I might have forgotten to mention, please feel free to comment or message me.


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