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Quiet The Racket With On The Ball by National Bank

Excessive noise in the classroom is distracting and breaks the concentration of children during their time of learning. With simply the unpleasant sound of a screeching chair/desk, a calm study space can be disrupted and cause a child to lose focus. National Bank cares about the academic success of our youth and wants to help quiet the classrooms for a learning-friendly environment.

Now in its 12th year, the On The Ball program has collected used tennis balls from tennis clubs and tournaments and donated them to schools to place on the bottom of chair legs to help reduce classroom noise. To date, there has been over 1,769,242 tennis balls collected, helping to change the day to day learning experience of over 442,310 students in Ontario and Quebec!

Want to help? Take part in the challenge and locate your nearest participating tennis club. At the club you'll find a collection box to donate your tennis balls and the balls will in turn be distributed to schools who are part of the National Bank On the Ball Program. For a full list of clubs in Quebec and Ontario go to You can also drop off your donated tennis balls at any On The Ball booths which can be found at many big tournaments

Go check out this upcoming tournament in Repentigny, Quebec starting August 24th until September 1st. NATIONAL BANK CANADIAN JUNIOR OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS TOURNAMENT

Tennis clubs - Get your players on board and encourage them to donate their used tennis balls or sign up your club in the Tennis Club section of the registry page to receive an On The Ball kit

Does your school want to get involved? Sign up to get support from On The Ball in the School Board section

Together we can help alleviate the unnecessary noises that cause a disturbance in the classroom and help create a more peaceful setting for our children to grow.