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The Raw Food Diet & Why Your Dog/Cat Should Try It

Since getting our puppy Rocky back in January, my husband decided to put both of our dogs on the raw food diet (Bone And Raw Food diet... yes the BARF diet ) that he kept hearing so much about. And the results are fantastic! Our Shar-Pei/Bull Terrier was suffering from a bad leg that would act up every once in a while and he always had really bad breath (even though his teeth were great). We tried a few different things to cure Dexter of his 'halitosis' and nothing worked. Well, both issues are now gone and we can't help but to think it's because of the new diet. Even the thawed-out poop in our backyard seems to have pretty much disintegrated away And there's a lot less of it too!

The diet consists of raw meat, bones, fish once a week, fruits and vegetables; but not all... please don't feed your dog grapes, avocados, raw potatoes, garlic, onions or fruits with the pit inside. It is also recommended that the diet be free of starch/fillers. Soft & shinny coats are a bonus! Hopefully you can stomach watching your dog eat raw chicken. So happy that the excessive shedding we were experiencing when we first brought Rocky home has also greatly diminished! It could've been from the stress of settling into a new home and his new diet may have helped, but his fur loss has drastically reduced!

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