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Playroom DIY

It's always a lot of fun getting the whole family involved with decorating the playroom. Soon enough our little ones will be too old to still enjoy it. 😭 Our 7 year old daughter is already telling us that for Christmas she only wants electronics or outdoor equipment and nothing from the toy department. Why oh why are children growing up way faster than they used to?! We really try to encourage our little ones to enjoy their youth as long as possible and not rush into growing up too fast. Projects like this help a lot!

We usually try to start off with a theme to give the room some synchronicity and for this playroom we went with forest animals/nature. Once you have a great theme everything easily falls into place. You can get blank canvas prints, acrylic paint and stencils from the craft/art store to make artwork. The centerpiece we made of the trees was painted on a large roll of paper and framed with the same wood we used for our birdhouse shelves. Garlands are always great to hang and a leafy garland (like the one in this space) is perfect for a nature-inspired room. For our curtain rod we used a long thin piece of bamboo purchased from our local garden center and sheer curtains were hung to allow lots of sunlight to come in from the great french doors. We're so glad this time around we were able to use the dining room as our playroom instead of the basement!

Here's a more detailed breakdown of the projects we did:

Garland - Cut out different sized oval leaf shapes from green cardstock paper. For this garland we cut out about 70-75 different shades of green pieces, but you can easily do half of that and thin the leaves out a bit more. Craft glue was used to stick the leaves on a thin piece of rope, sticking to one side of the rope. Approximate time for this project is 2 hours.

Floating Birdhouse Shelves - Cut to your desired size, 3 pieces of wood for the base of your house and attach with nails or screws (using at least 2 nails/screws per side to secure). We have a great nail gun at home that does the job very easily. Measure, then cut on your mitre saw 2 pieces of wood on a 45° angle (one end only for each piece) to use for the roof of the house; making sure the pieces are long enough for the length of the house. To fasten the shelf to the wall, use a 3" screw at the top (middle of your roof) and leave it sticking out of the wall 3/4" to hang the house on. For the bottom, if there's a stud, toe-nail a 3" screw through the bottom of the shelf into the wall. If there's no stud use wall plugs to screw into.

Animal Ear Cutouts - On a thin piece of plywood, trace out the shape of an animal head with ears using a pencil. Cut out your shapes using a jigsaw or a router cutter. Use black acrylic paint to draw in bear and fox ears.

Let your children be involved in as many projects as possible and make it a fun family affair!

Thanks for stopping by!

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