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The Power of Positivity

Having a positive attitude can make a bad day brighter; the key is to 'try' to let things roll off your shoulder. Trust me (from an optimist's point of view), it's totally worthwhile letting negativity go. Yes, being an optimist is not for everyone, but a little effort goes a long way if you try not to dwell on circumstances that are out of your control. Often these are incidents that can't be reversed (the damage is already done) so try to move on and salvage the rest of your day. Having a happy disposition helps you get through life in a much healthier way!

Say you were in a little fender bender, got a traffic ticket, tore your clothes or spilled your coffee on yourself on your way to work; obviously your immediate reaction would be to get mad because you're only human and it's a good reason to be angry. Holding on to that anger will only make things worse. That negative energy will have a major snowball effect on the rest of your day. If you're grumpy and moody with the people around you, they'll send that same negative energy right back at you and your bad day will continue to escalate. And why shouldn't your coworkers be mad at you? They didn't do anything wrong... it's not their fault something bad happened to you. There's a saying that goes "I didn't pee in your cornflakes this morning, so don't take your stuff out on me" (PG version). It's one of my favourites! I really don't like dealing with people that have a negative attitude, it's very unpleasant and neither do you, right? Don't forget smiles are infectious too and so much better to spread around.

If your little one breaks or damages a valuable item in your home, you have to accept that this was an accident and the best way to move forward is to let go. Don't let THINGS consume you. Don't let money consume you; it's one of the biggest contributors to mental anguish. Trite as it may sound, the best things in life are free and they will bring you the joy you seek. Try to focus your energy on what makes you happy and what you have to be grateful for. And remember there are always people that have it worse off than you. Breaking down might be a temporary release but it really doesn't help your situation whatsoever. Life is too short to dwell on things.

As we all know, many people suffer from depression. It's hard not to when we as adults are faced with so many conflicts, stressors and challenges every day. It's difficult being a grownup. Unfortunately society was built this way. We have to work to attain basic needs. Raising kids and maintaining an abode are difficult tasks that consume most of our time. It almost seems as though there isn't enough time in between all of our daily chores to really enjoy life. Conflicts at work and with family are inevitable.

There are many days in my life where it would be easy to fall apart. Raising 3 children, holding down a good home and working is challenging to say the least. Does losing it on those difficult days solve my problems? No. I have to keep it together and continue to be a rock for the sake of my well being and the sake of those around me whom I love. Taking it out on my husband or my children is hurtful and has a negative impact. Take a minute to calm down and reflect before you react when something goes wrong. Blurting out your first response, will more often than not, be the wrong way to handle the situation. And dealing with issues calmly does not mean your children will take advantage of you the next time around.

Bottling it up is not the answer either; instead, find an outlet to harness that negative energy. MEDITATE! TURN OFF THE TV and make the time to have a hot bath. Hot baths are not only good for your outer shell, they are also terrific for your mental state and inner spirit as well. This is the perfect time to tune out everything around you and to really soak in some much needed relaxation. Add epsom salts to relieve any muscle tension/flush toxins/ease migraines or essential oils/bath bombs for an ultimate blissful experience that can also help with these problems. Go for a walk; the fresh air and oxygen from the trees around you will help you to rejuvenate and clear your mind.

It's very easy to get angry and fall apart, but if you try to keep a positive attitude you'll find it's the smarter, more therapeutic route. Life is hard (it's a given), try to enjoy the simple pleasures around you. Take in a new hobby. Do at least one thing that is only about you (exercise, garden, read, take a cooking/painting/yoga/dance/photography class, go for a hike). It's so important that you don't lose yourself along the way of life's daily challenges. Stay optimistic and plug through your obstacles. You'll quickly see a big change in your life and how many more things will go your way.

Catch as many flies as possible with your big pot of honey. Focus your energy on the things you CAN do and don't dwell on the things you can't. Don't waste too much time on things that give you anxiety or stress, spend it more wisely on what's valuable to you. Remember, life is what you make it.

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