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Our Maxtrix Bunk Bed

We've had our Maxtrix bunk bed for three & half years and the kids absolutely love it!

As soon as we saw this bed at the kids furniture store, we knew it would be perfect. The local distributor we dealt with was fantastic and sent us home with a catalog that had all the different styles of bed and colourful accessories to dress it up. Wow! There's a lot of great selection of styles to choose from; it was really hard to make a decision. With some advice from the 2 eldest seedlings we decided to go with the chestnut wood bunk bed with slide and stairs (with drawers) and for the accessories, navy blue & red curtains/tower/pillows. And how could we resist the matching trundle underneath for extra sleeping space for when friends spend the night.

It's great that the little ones can get exercise when playing on their bed if they don't feel like going outside or if the weather doesn't permit. They'll spend hours climbing up and down the stairs and even the slide. Honestly, at first you feel a bit uneasy watching them climb up the slide since it goes down so fast, but you quickly get used to them doing their crazy stunts. And how could we stop them when they're having so much fun? Even the littlest, who's only 16 months old, follows suit and climbs up the slide.

Hands down, we highly recommend this bed. After 3 years of vigorous play with 3 kids hanging off of it all the time, it's still in great shape and provides hours of entertainment for the little ones. The price point is also very fair. Being the savvy shoppers that we are, we checked around to compare prices w/ other kids' bunk beds before making our purchase. We chose Maxtrix because not only are their beds aesthetically great, they are competitively priced with other good quality wood beds out there.

For more info on price, colours, styles and local distributors check their online catalog @

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