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Marshmallow Halloween Treats

These Halloween marshmallow treats are pretty easy to make. I now make marshmallow treats for almost every party because they don't take much time and are a lot of fun to do with the kids. All that's required is dipping marshmallows in melted chocolate, coating them with edible glitter and decorating their faces. Easy!

What you'll need: large marshmallows, white chocolate and dark chocolate chips or bar, coconut, orange/green/black edible glitter, candied eyes (we got our glitter, candied eyes and pumpkin face candy from Michaels but you can get them at Walmart as well), black licorice nibs, red reg. Twizzlers licorice, slivered almonds, black icing tube, toothpicks and tinfoil.

The first thing you're going to want to do is coat all of your marshmallows and set aside to dry for decorating later. Use 4 small bowls to pour out your coloured glitter and coconut. In a regular size bowl pour out 1 cup of white chocolate chips and melt in the microwave for a minute and a half. Once heated, stir well, making sure all of the chunks from the chocolate chips are out and you have a nice consistency.

Dunk your marshmallow into the melted white chocolate (for the pumpkin, ghost and Frankenstein) and use a small spoon to lightly coat your marshmallow with chocolate (letting excess drip off) and dunk in edible glitter. Roll your marshmallow ball around the glitter bowl to make sure that it is evenly coated with sprinkles. Easiest way is to use both hands to hold the bowl and stir the ball around the bowl in small circles manually... this way you get the best coat with no mess and try not to handle the marshmallow too much. Once fully coated with glitter, place on separate side plate to let dry for an hour. Do the same for the dark chocolate black cats (though my husband says they look more like bats).

And now is also a good time to get your pumpkin leaves ready as they also need to be dipped in chocolate and put aside for later. Cut two small pieces from the red licorice, dip in white chocolate and coat in green edible glitter.

Once your chocolate has started to harden you can start decorating your faces. Melt a little bit more white chocolate to glue all of your eyes to your marshmallows as well as your pumpkin face, licorice stem and leaves.

For the Frankenstein face

Cut 2 small pieces of black licorice nibs for the bolts on the side of his head. Using a toothpick stick 1 piece on one end and poke through your marshmallow. This is to check what length your toothpick should be. If it's too long cut it down. Now wrap your two licorice nibs with two small pieces of tinfoil (as little as possible so that there's no bunching around the sides). Poke through your marshmallow again and attach your second bolt using pressure from your fingers on each end to push it in as far as it needs to go. Use your black icing tube/pen draw a mouth, a scar and some hair.

For the black cat-bat

Melt a small amount of dark chocolate (or milk chocolate if you prefer) to use as glue for your ears, nose and whiskers. Cut 2 small triangles from your black licorice nibs to use as ears. Using a toothpick dab the chocolate to the bottom of the ears & nose and to the back of the slivered almonds. Stick to your cat's face et voilà!

Hope you enjoy your Halloween Treats as much as we did. They're sure to be a crowd pleaser at your next Halloween party!

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