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Decorating Ideas For Fall

Decorating the house for fall is a lot of fun! It's not every day you get to spruce up your home with bright, bold, colours like orange and yellow. But now that it's fall (yay!)... it's a great time to go all out with fun decorations. And in a few weeks add even more fun Halloween decorations into the mix.

We love decorating our home to add a touch of whimsy for whatever the season brings. It really livens things up and makes for a much more cheerful environment. And the kids love to participate, which makes it a perfect activity to do as a family! There's also a great sense of pride that the kids get when they help create (and say they helped make) this fun colourful space.

We got most of our decorations from Michaels. And got amazing deals... all at 50% off! I think the sale is still on, but if not, check back again next week (online flyer) because they have this sale on all the time. The signs and the tall metal pumpkin & sunflowers are my favourite! They were all from Michael's (2 of which are from last year). One of these falls we're going to make all of our decorations... maybe next year.

Bale's of hay are good to use for decorating because they not only look great, they're a perfect platform to put all of your smaller decorations on. Wrap them up in decorative burlap banner for a little added touch. White pumpkins (and pears) & multi-coloured dried corn are always great to use in any decorative fall display. I find that they help break up the orange somewhat. They also have a classic look to them which adds a bit more whimsy. And of course, yellow sunflowers are terrific to use as well. That amazing pop of sunshine yellow will always brighten up any space. You'll see, it will really help affect your mood in a positive way too. Bonus!

For the inside of our house we went with a little more of a contemporary look. The table runner was purchased from Pier 1 (there are so many beautiful ones to choose from). The white wicker pumpkin light & white ceramic basket are from Home Sense ($25 each). The basket is filled with scented decorative balls and twigs that make the house smell amazing! And all of the foliage is again from Michaels.

Thanks for stopping by!

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