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🖍Magnetic Chalkboard Wall

So easy to find, you can now get chalkboard paint & magnetic paint from just about anywhere you shop.

What you'll need: Magnetic paint, chalkboard paint, painter's tape, level, 2 sponge/foam rollers, paint tray.

For framed version: window/door casing, mitre saw, brad nailer gun, Dap.

Using painter's tape & a level, section off your wall where you'd like the magnetic paint to be. This will be your first coat. For the playroom wall we only used magnetic paint in a lower strip along the wall because I personally found it unnecessary to do the whole wall. But for the framed version in the kitchen, the whole board is magnetic, so I outlined my frame w/ the painter's tape.

Stir REALLY well. Use a sponge roller & paint on at least 2 good coats (2 heavy or 3 thin), letting dry 30 min. in b/n coats. Some brands might be different than others, so check the label first, just to make sure.

Work your roller up & down for a smoother application. The smoother the surface, the stronger the magnetic attraction.

Let dry for a couple of hours before starting to apply your chalkboard paint. Use a different sponge roller for your chalkboard paint. If you want to, a 2nd coat can be applied after 4 hours. Allow 24 hours to dry completely.

For the framed version ~ Cut 4 pieces of casing w/ a mitre saw on a 45 degree angle. Create a picture frame by pinning your 4 pieces to the wall w/ a brad nailer gun. Use Dap to fill any gaps at seams. Paint frame if necessary.

We painted and hung 2 floating shelves. They were from an old media center that we no longer used. I bought a few inexpensive colourful containers to organize craft supplies. We also mounted 7 black wrought iron hooks. 4 to hang tape rolls & hanging pots w/ supplies at the center of the wall, 2 to use for large paper roll & 1 to use for hanging aprons, on opposite ends. Dowels used are easy to find at any big box store.

I get all my large paper rolls for FREE from a local printing press company because they 're end of the roll paper. If there's a printing company in your neighborhood, it might be worth while asking.

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