🌼Girl's 'Butterfly & Flower' Birthday Party

May 15, 2016



This year for her birthday, my daughter wanted a 'Butterfly & Flower' inspired theme for her party. We decided to make ALL of our decorations, snacks & cupcakes by hand. Sounds a bit daunting I know, but it didn't take long & these are all pretty easy projects to do.


The kids & I planned everything in advance and made a fun weekend out of it!  


Added Bonus:   I saved money, spent quality time with the kids and it's always fun when you can brag to your guests about how artistic you've become.





We started with the painted butterflies. Obviously really quick & easy. My 2 eldest are still pretty young (4 & 6) so I drew & cut the butterflies for them. All that was left to do was, have fun and paint! I put the desired paint colours from our theme in paint trays, gave them sponges & brushes and complete artistic freedom. Most important, was that the same paint colours were used for all decorations.





Happy Birthday Sign


What I love about this sign is how inexpensive it was. Pallet wood was FREE (easy to get anywhere), wood letters .50 each, pack of 3 flowers & arrangement $1 each. Using the same paint colours as above, we alternated each one to create an ombre-like pattern; though it's hard to tell the lighter & darker blues & greens in this picture. The pallet wood was painted w/ a chocolate brown stain.





Tissue Paper Flowers


These tissue paper flowers are really fun & easy to do! Total time for this project, 2 hours (if doing 2 vases). All you need is, different coloured tissue paper, a few branches & a vase. The other beautiful thing about these flowers, you really can't mess them up (= 0 frustration factor). No matter how off the heart-cuts may be (if the kiddos are doing it) when you start bunching together and gluing, they fan out beautifully regardless. Get the how-to here





Party Mugs


Get some fun label stickers & jewelry charms to make personalized tags on your cups, for each child. I lucked out & found my pack of silver charms for $2 on clearance. Even my multi-coloured glass mugs were a steal at $1.50 each. 





Tulip Treat Stand


The Tulip Popcorn Stand is another quick & easy project to do. Get some clear treat bags from a craft or party supply store, some gift wrapping ribbon & decorative tags and display whatever fun treat you want on your stand. For the pink popcorn how-to click here. For the Tulip Treat Stand how-to click here






Edible Garden


This edible garden is not only pretty, it's really tasty too! All the bugs are edible. The idea is that your party-goers can come and grab a marshmallow treat, as they please, from this pretty garden display. Easy to make. All you need- some marshmallows, white chocolate chips, black licorice nibs, candy melts, thin black icing tube & edible glitter. Dress up with flowers & bows. Et Voilà!

TASTYFUN whimsical garden. Click here for the how-to.






Colourful Cupcakes


Since we had so much on the go, we used boxed cupcake mix for these cupcakes (this time). To decorate them ~ we used a 3/4-inch (2 cm) decorating tip in a piping bag, died the icing w/ food colouring & topped w/ edible candied flowers & glitter sprinkles.


For the water we used watermelon water enhancer drops, sliced lemons & fresh mint.






Butterfly Banner


For this banner we cut out a butterfly & a number stencil. We then cut out rectangular pieces of white bristle board and different coloured scrapbook paper (for the frame). Using sponges and our stencils, we dabbed paint on the white board and glued it to the scrapbook paper. Made banner rectangles from a burlap streamer roll purchased from the craft store. And to finish we clipped decorative clothes pins to attach the banners to the rope.




If you don't have the time or the patience to do these banners, you can always contact my friend Quinn. She makes all kinds of beautiful custom handmade party supplies and is a pleasure to deal with.



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