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👒DIY Coat Rack

This is a very easy project that takes only a couple of hours to do. Put aside some time one weekend to do this DIY w/ the kids and see how it can become a fun activity to do as a family. The kids love learning how to build things and handling parent-approved tools.

A coat rack is also great to have for hanging snow pants in the winter

What you'll need - 1 deck/porch post w/ cap (1/2 price cheaper then the indoor wood ones), 1 post w/out cap, 2 dowels, 4 black wrought iron shelf racks & 4-8 wrought iron hooks.

Tools- drill, saw, pencil, construction adhesive (we use PL Premium).

When shopping for my material I first checked the indoor mill-work section for my post beams and was very surprised at the cost. Wow, $60 a post! This was way more then I wanted to spend (especially since I needed 2 as they were not tall enough) and figured I'd try my luck in the pressure treated deck wood department. Well I lucked out! Not only did I find the same posts at 1/3 the cost, the rustic dark wood stained deck posts were so much nicer. Initially I was going to paint my posts white but after finding these babies, no way was I going to change the great chocolate wood stain on them. Very rustic looking, which would go great w/ my wrought iron black hooks & shelf rack feet.

The hooks cost me $5 each and the black decorative shelf racks $8. The 2 deck posts were $20 each.

First Step - Cut your posts at the appropriate height. Unfortunately, 1 post is too short & 2 posts is way too tall, but it's a simple customized fix. My husband & I both agreed that we wanted to keep as much detailing as possible on the posts so we cut the bottom portion of the top post where the square stretch began. To match the top & bottom, we then cut a section of the bottom post on the square section at the top.

Second Step - Drill holes on your top posts w/ a drill bit that matches the size of your dowels. Use construction glue to spread on your dowels and all over surface areas of posts and insert into your drilled holes.

Drill in your 4 wrought iron shelf brackets at the base of your new pole on all 4 sides and your 6 hooks at top & middle. We chose to have 4 hooks on top and 2 in the middle section.

Thanks for stopping by!

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